Costa Brava Spain


You may have seen from my Instagram that I recently took a trip to the Costa Brava in Spain for a weeks holiday, so I thought I would share some details about it. It’s a coastal region in the northeast of Spain, actually in Catalonia, stretching up to the French border, so you will hear a lot of French and Catalan as well as Spanish. IMG_3615IMG_3647

We rented a car on this holiday again and my boyfriend drove. We stayed in two different hotels, the first few nights in Cadaques (above photos) a gorgeous little town near the French border, and the rest in Lloret de Mar, further down the coast, closer to Barcelona. We much preferred Cadaques as it was more traditional and picturesque. Lloret de Mar was a little too built up and touristy for us. Still enjoyable but not quite our cup of tea. Our hotel in Cadaques was a lot smaller too which was nice, and we had a private roof top pool that was empty every day apart from us. I could have stayed there for hours!IMG_3600

We ate very well everywhere, even in the more “package holiday” areas, thanks to Trip Advisor! There’s lots of fresh local seafood available in every restaurant, and lots of great sangria – you must get one made with cava, it’s absolutely delicious!

We visited the Santa Clotilde gardens in Lloret de Mar, which we really enjoyed. It was nice to see so much green in Spain, and we got away from the crowds of tourists there too! It was so peaceful and beautiful there.IMG_3664IMG_3673 IMG_3675IMG_3683

We also visited other towns along the coast for a couple of days. When we left Cadaques on our way to Lloret de Mar, we drove to a town called Roses which has a lot of historic interest such as an ancient walled in fort and ruins. I really enjoyed walking around here, even in the blistering heat. I was being careful though and slapping on the factor 50!IMG_3635 IMG_3642 IMG_3655

Tossa de Mar was a nice town too, just one over from Lloret so only a short car ride away. It had a big Castillo high up above the beach, and a beautiful old walled in town with gorgeous streets! We had lunch in a lovely restaurant there and stared at the views for a couple of hours.IMG_3722 IMG_3724 IMG_3711 IMG_3727 IMG_3699 IMG_3719 IMG_3717

When we weren’t walking around the various towns, we spent some time at the many different beaches near by.IMG_3729 IMG_3682

Our last day we spent in Girona, as we were heading back that way to go to the airport that night. Girona is gorgeous too, especially the old Jewish Quarter with its ancient walls, cathedrals and churches. It’s inland more so no sea views, but they were still stunning none the less. IMG_3778 IMG_3777 IMG_3784 IMG_3785 IMG_3789IMG_3790


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