Obsessed with… Sunglasses

IMG_2462I have developed a little bit of a problem recently – I can’t stop buying new sunglasses! I already had a bit of a collection going and I think I’ve bought about 5 more in the last couples of months. Because you know in Ireland we get so much sun…

But fear not! Most of my shades, in fact all of the ones on the right hand side of the above photo, are from Penneys/Primark.

I’m not really one for spending shocking amounts of money on things in general if I can avoid it, but definitely not on sunglasses – I just don’t see the point. Why pay €200+ for a designer pair when you can get a gorgeous pair for less than €10?! In my opinion you are just paying for the name, so you can say “look at my new Ray-Ban/Prada/Tom Ford/whatever sunglasses!!”. I really don’t care about brands, I never have. It makes no difference whatsoever to me what name, if any, is on my stuff. I don’t disagree with people buying designer stuff mind you, if you love expensive brands and you’re willing to pay for it then good for you girl! I just won’t be ‘ooh-ing and ah-ing’ over something just because it’s a “insert brand name here”.IMG_2467IMG_2471This pair is one of my new faves. It’s so big it hides a multitude of sins, and the colour of the tortoiseshell is gorgeous. I think this pair was around €4-€6. I got so many compliments on them while I was on holiday in Italy. They made me look very Italian, or so I was told! HahaIMG_2466IMG_2487These are also another of my current favourites – just look at the little cat eye details! Could they be more perfect for me?! I love the reflectiveness of the lenses too, I don’t have any other reflective sunnies so these really stand out from the rest of my collection.IMG_2464IMG_2481

These are my other faves (how many favourites can a girl have before it becomes ridiculous?) I have a serious thing for tortoiseshell of all kinds obviously!

Here are a bunch of my other sunglasses, I still love them all too. I was having a bit of a model moment trying them on for the photos…


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