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Amalfi Coast Italy

IMG_2339Beautiful Amalfi

The Amalfi Coast is somewhere I have wanted to visit for ages now, and if you’re following me on Instagram and Snapchat (@carolinesdays) you’ll know that I  finally did this weekend! Myself and my boyfriend left Cork on Thursday (Paddy’s Day) and we came home Monday night. It was without a doubt one of the best trips I have been on in a long time.

We flew into Naples, where we rented a car, and drove to the coast. We stayed in a hotel in Amalfi, Amalfi Luxury House – a newly opened, completely renovated modern hotel, which I have to say was very nice indeed. Even if we did have to walk up 123 steps (yes I counted) to get to it! To be fair though, because the entire place is built on the side of a cliff there are steps up to everything, not just our hotel. Thankfully I brought comfortable runners/sneakers with me!

IMG_2291Breakfast each morning on our balcony

On Friday we visited Pompeii, which for me was the highlight of the trip. It’s just amazing, you have to visit it! It was about a 30-45 minute drive from Amalfi, but once you get off the crazy corners of the coastal roads (my knuckles were white from gripping the door handle) and on to the motorway it flies by.IMG_2188IMG_2224IMG_2218IMG_2221IMG_2226 Pompeii

It’s much bigger than I thought it would be. We didn’t give ourselves enough time, we could have done with 2 more hours maybe, but we still managed to see most of the buildings. Some sites were closed for renovations at the time we were there, like the Temple of Apollo and the Basilica – to be honest I’d say there’s always something closed at any one time though, because the preservation work there is just staggering. It’s amazing to think everything you’re looking at is thousands of years old!

On Saturday we took a trip west to Positano, which was my next favourite part of the holiday after Pompeii. Although there’s not a whole lot to do in Positano, it is a beautiful town to stroll around. We parked the car in a car park a little way up the hill (which turned out the be the cheapest car parking of the whole trip – parking prices are ridiculous in all the towns, but especially so in Amalfi, €5 per hour) and walked down to the beach. I even made friends with a little kitty on the way! We sat on the pier and just took it all in for about an hour while dipping our toes into the sea, which was nice and refreshing after the walk. I love watching the locals going about their business, like the man below who was clearly having a moment with his dog.


We also drove up to Sorrento on Saturday, which was nice but not my favourite. We had a hairy little incident with the car here (we drove down a one-way street by accident and had to make a very difficult U turn – thank god my boyfriend is a great driver!) We parked down by the docks first, which had a lovely view of mount Vesuvius across the bay but we mainly stayed around the Main Street where a lot of the shopping was.


On Sunday we headed east to Ravello, a town high up in the hills. There was a lovely main square with beautiful views of the vineyards in the surrounding hills, and a cathedral in the centre surrounded by cafes and restaurants. We sat here for a while drinking coffee and relaxing.



We walked around the corner from the cathedral and visited a 13th century villa, Villa Rufolo, which had spectacular views of the Amalifi Coast and the Gulf of Salerno.

  Villa Rufolo 

The rest of Sunday we spent wandering around Amalfi, where we visited the Duomo di Amalfi, a beautiful 9th century cathedral in the Piazza dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew. His crypt is actually in the adjoining Basilica. We stopped for a bite to eat in a restaurant at bottom of the steps of the cathedral.

        Duomo di Amalfi

Later we walked down the pier where we got great shots of the town.


We were blessed with the weather, clear blue skies and warm sunshine for most of the weekend. I think the 4 days we had was the perfect amount of time for it. We saw everything we wanted to see and didn’t really need anymore time, but I suppose if you had a full week here you could just take more of a leisurely approach to everything. It really was truly a brilliant holiday that I’ll never forget though.

So until next time Italy, arrivederci💋



9 thoughts on “Amalfi Coast Italy

  1. Caroline!! looks like you had such a fabulous time! Im jealous I have never been to Italy! Some day for sure!! I LOVE your photography.. my favourite photo is the half naked middle aged man <3 Love everything about this post!!

  2. Caroline I’m so jealous! Italy is my favourite country so far. I visited the region of Tuscany on a school tour when I was 17. We took in Florence, Lucca, Pissa and Verona. AMAZING!!!!!

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