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Florist life

My blog took a bit of a back seat the last couple of weeks because we’re currently in the middle of our crazy season – Valentine’s Day is just gone and Mother’s Day on the horizon!  The routine for these big events is always the same: do as much prep as you can beforehand (boxes, bows, papers etc…) agonise for hours over what to order from suppliers and then pray to God that you haven’t ordered too much and/or too little. Oh the joys of a perishable product.     We work really long hours everyday all week in the run up to these events, around 10-16 hour days sometimes, but it wasn’t as bad this year because we did more prep than ever before. Still though I am really glad it’s over! There’s only so much fast food you can eat – we literally don’t have the time or opportunity to cook anything, because we don’t see our homes except to sleep!     At least Valentine’s is the same date every year unlike Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day in Ireland is a floating feast. It changes every year depending on Easter. So this year it’s ridiculously early, only 3 weeks exactly after V Day (thank you lunar calendar) We had one week to get back to normal and rid the shop of everything red, and now it’s full steam ahead with Mother’s Day! 


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