Getting To Know Me

A Quick Catch Up

Don’t worry I’m still here! I know things have been quiet on my blog here for a few months now – I’ve kind of been in a little blogging funk, just not having any inspiration to make posts. I think it’s the time of year too, with the dark nights and the cold I tend to hibernate by the fire a bit. I think because I haven’t been to the gym for a while now too I’m feeling a little sluggish. But I’m really going to try and be more productive with everything now. It’s back to the gym on Thursday!IMG_8621So what have I been up to all this time? Well, I’ve been busy at work (I’m a florist in case you didn’t know) Christmas was crazy, busier than we expected actually which is a good complaint but it was exhausting. I went to New York right after Christmas for 2 weeks with my mom which was a load of fun as always. We hung out with family, did a bit of shopping, went on a road trip to Rhode Island, caught a show on Broadway, went to a shooting range (the usual touristy things!) haha…IMG_1372I’ve also been enjoying the first few months of my new relationship. They’re always the best aren’t they? We went on a little trip last weekend up the country to Clare to see The Burren and The Cliffs of Moher which was great (check out my Instagram for a few pics).

Oh and just last week our shop won an award for Best Retail Business with the Northside For Business initiative! We were delighted because we were up against some really tough competition, so it was a lovely surprise. It’s a nice bit of recognition for all our hard work.IMG_1618So that’s it in a nutshell. I’m alive, all is well! And I promise I’ll plan out my posts better in future :)


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