My Maleficent costume

 I decided to dress up again this year for Halloween. Well I was actually going to be Maleficent last year but because my Grandad died unexpectedly this time last year that was obviously put on hold, so here it is now.
I bought the cape last year on eBay, I made the horns myself because I couldn’t find them to buy anywhere (typical Ireland) I bought the crow figure and attached him to a stick, and everything else I already had in my wardrobe (leather pants, black top, black booties) The rest was done with makeup.  
 It took a lot of time to make the horns (I later bought a Halloweeny wig, cut it up and wrapped it around them) and it was a pain in the ass to attach and secure to my head (a sh*t load of pins were involved!)  

 I also bought special fx wax to try and do the cheekbones but it just wasn’t working out so I did a bit of contouring instead – WAY easier.  
 I also bought green contacts, but I couldn’t put them in! I kind of have a fear of my eyes being touched, so it wasn’t the best idea in hindsight really haha!  I was delighted with how it all turned out though, I hope somebody I know has a fancy dress party soon so I can wear it again!


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