Saturday night

IMG_0157I headed out for a few drinks on Saturday night and here’s what I wore!

I came across this skirt last week when I was out in Mahon Point Shopping Centre to see a movie. We were a little bit early and so had time for a quick browse around the shops (a browse always turns into a purchase!) I found it in the strangest of places, a shop called Swamp. It’s not a shop I would normally go into, but I’m glad I did this time.

It’s very similar to a skirt in Coast at the moment (see it here) but a fraction of the price! Ok so the quality probably isn’t as good as the Coast one, but who cares when it’s only €40! Because it’s such a statement piece as well you can’t really wear it a lot – it’s just too memorable and probably best saved for special occasions, so I really didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.

IMG_0164 I took inspiration for the outfit from one of the lovely Cloggers who organised our first meet up last month, Marie. She wore a skirt just like this at it looked amazing on her, but she had hers specially made for her. Thanks for the inspiration Marie!!IMG_0173IMG_0162

IMG_0172IMG_0160Top – Penneys

Skirt – Swamp

Heels – Nine West


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