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Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you so much to Carol from Jolly Caucus Race for nominating me for a Liebster award! It’s actually my first ever award nomination so I am delighted.


Here’s how it works. You must:

Thank the person who nominated you,
Link to their blog,
Answer their 11 questions,
Create 11 of your own and nominate 11 bloggers to answer them.

So here goes. My questions were:
1. What’s your favourite item of clothing?
I think I would probably have to say shoes, although that’s not technically clothing I guess. Or is it?! Anyway, I could seriously buy a pair of shoes everyday if I had the money to waste spend. And if I had the room to store them all!
2. What was the first film you saw in the cinema?
Ooh I don’t think I can actually even remember! I’m so bad at remembering things like that (or things in general! Haha whoops)
3. Do you prefer books or movies? Why?
I prefer movies. I guess I’m too lazy to read books sometimes, even though that’s bad it’s probably why! I just love going to the cinema, or watching movies at home and becoming immersed into a whole new world. I know you can do that with books too, but I love actually seeing the world or scenarios created in movies, rather than just imagining it. I’m just more of a visual person.
4. When blogging do you prefer to focus more on images or writing?
I focus more on images, because my blog is mainly all outfit post and doesn’t have any other real theme. (Don’t know if this is good or bad!)
5. Boyzone or Take That? (YES you have to choose one and YES I will judge you on it :D)
I never really liked either of them (I was a Westlife fan, oh God did I just admit that?!!) but if I HAD to choose one, I guess I would choose…Take That, because I like more of their songs. My favourite would have to be “Back For Good”.
6. Do you embrace technology or are you a technophobe?
I use technology and couldn’t live without it but embrace is probably the wrong word! I use it at a basic level because I can never be bothered enough to find out about all the extras, like with my iphone I don’t have a clue what half of the apps do! If it can call and text (and use Instagram) I’m happy.
7. What was your favourite childhood toy?
Barbie was definitely my favourite toy ever! I was spoiled by my mom who would always take me to the toy shop and get me the newest Barbie out all the time, and all of the accessories. Especially when we would go to America and get all of her cool stuff in Toys R Us that you couldn’t get back here. Barbie had the best. stuff. ever.
8. Do you live in the moment or plan for the future?
I live pretty much in the moment, I don’t like to plan too far ahead because I think you never know what will happen. If there’s one thing the last couple of years have taught me it’s that life will always surprise you.
9. What’s your favourite decade?
Ooh that’s a tough one. If you asked me a few years ago I would have immediately answered with the 80’s, because I love the music and the crazy Madonna-esque style, but now I really love the 60’s too for the fashion (Jackie Kennedy) and also the music! So it’s a tie.
10. Did you ever keep a diary?
I did but only for like a few months when I was about 14.
11. And finally – What makes you happy?
A few months ago the answers to this question would have been different because a lot has changed lately. But as of right now, things that make me happy are, my mom (she is my rock) my girlfriends, my two fur babies, my car because I worked so hard to get it for myself, music, flowers, having a job well done!
So the bloggers I nominate are…
Eimear from The Two Darlings
Journey from Your Style Journey
Laura Jane from Anything But Marzipan
Rebecca from Love is Beauty
Shireen from The Blue Brick
And your questions are:
1. When did you start blogging?
2. Is your blog a big or small part of your life?
3. What is your day job?
4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5. Who is your style icon?
6. Do you have any pets?
7. What place would you love to visit?
8. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
9. Name one bad habit you wish you could change.
10. Who is your celebrity crush at the moment?
11. What are you afraid of?
You’re not obliged to answer the questions or take part if you don’t want to or if you’ve been nominated before. There’s no pressure!

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