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 I don’t normally share that much personal stuff on my blog. It’s scary to open up and share things publically like this. But we all go through struggles and tough times in life. And right now that’s what I’m doing.

Sometimes the people you thought would always be there for you, no matter what, are the ones who aren’t. Sometimes people let you down. Sometimes people are just shitty. We’ve all come to experience this at some point in our lives. Sometimes you will experience it more than once, or twice even. Sometimes it will be more surprising than others. Sometimes it will hurt more than others. 

It’s harder when it’s someone who was very close to you. When it’s someone in your family. Family is supposed to always be there for you. Look after you. Love you. But sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they don’t. Maybe they just aren’t able to. Maybe there are lots of reasons. But that doesn’t make it any easier – understanding the reasons why. It still hurts. You feel sad. Disappointed. Betrayed. So many feelings. So many emotions. 

You can bitch all you like about it. Talk about it all you like. Cry about it. But you probably won’t be able to change any of it. Because people can’t change, unless they want to. Maybe not even then actually. I don’t know. All you can do is try your very best to deal with it. Not for anyone else’s benefit. Not to make anyone else feel better. But for you. Because that’s what matters. You. You deserve to feel better. To be happy. As much as possible. You deserve to shine. Don’t let other people affect this. Don’t let them dull your shine. Your sparkle. You owe it to yourself. 

I couldn’t do this for the longest time. I kept thinking, “I wish this wasn’t happening. I wish it wasn’t like this.” But wishing doesn’t do anything. You have to try and accept things the way they are. It is what it is. Some days that’s easier to do than others. But that’s ok. It’ll all be ok. 


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