Purchases from New York

I promised you at all a look at some of the things I bought on my trips to New York recently so here it is finally. I bought quite a lot really, well it felt like a lot when I had to fit it in my suitcase coming home! 23kgs is so not enough for baggage allowance, ah to fly first class and not have to worry about trivial things like that – never gonna happen! 


Jeans and polo from Calvin Klein, shoes from Ellen TracyIMG_8714


You know when you just can’t decide between 2 colours? Get both!


Everything above is from Calvin Klein, it turned out to be the 1 store where I bought the most


Boots bought in Macy’s, brand is Report Signature I think, can’t really make out the writing…I just loved them, I didn’t care what brand they were


All above heels bought in DSW (Big thank you to Jane for introducing me to this store!) Black and white heels are by Guess, grey cross strap heels I’m not sure I think it says Joes(?) and black cut out heels are by Nine West


This grey hoodie is cashmere so it was expensive but I really loved it. It and the jeans are both from Chicos


This sweater is from Loft, and was on major sale!


Shoes both from Aerosole (SO COMFY) and the scarf is from Gap, I love the colour!


This dress is from Ann Taylor and was also on sale


Gym shirt bought in Target, I thought it might give me a bit of motivation to work out…ahem oops


Sweaters all bought in Kohl’s (again couldn’t decide on colour for that sweater on top right so bought both!)


Dress from JCPenney and was also on a major sale! Might never wear it but just loved the colours, it’s like a cocktail!

So that’s most of what I bought, there’s a few more things but I think I’ve probably bored you all enough!


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