Red white and blue Calvin’s 


Everything I’m wearing in these photos is from New York (from my 2 trips, firstly back at the beginning of the year and most recently in the end of March). I really need to do a blog post showing all my purchases as a couple of you have asked to see what I bought, so I promise I’ll do that soon! Most of my shopping was done in Woodbury Common, I had never been there before as I didn’t really like the idea of outlet shopping, but I was pleasantly surprised – I found the shops up there were really good! It’s a bit like the outlet shops in Kildare Village for any Irish people reading, but like 10 times the size of course! Calvin Klein turned out to be my favourite, so my top, jeans and handbag here are all Calvin Kleins! I love the red jeans, they’re so flattering and they make a nice change from the usual navy jeans I wear. I think they’ll be good for summer!



2 thoughts on “Red white and blue Calvin’s 

    • Thank you! It was a big purchase for me as it was new stock in Macy’s so it was full price (and I normally would never spend that much on any one item) but I thought I would treat myself!

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