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Ciao Baby!

Something very exciting happened today, my new car arrived! And not just my new car, but my first car! That’s a big deal guys. My first ever car. Gah I’m so excited!   It’s my favourite car, a Fiat 500. I just love the retro feel of it. It’s a 2014 model, it’s colour is “volare blue”, it’s a 1.2 petrol, 3 door, and it’s gorgeous. I love it.  Like really love.

     I was looking around for a couple of months, mostly online doing research and then finally in some dealerships. I’ve always dreamed of owning a retro/classic car, I could just see myself driving something different and unique, not just a boring old sensible car. Initially I was thinking of getting a Nissan Figaro (Google that if you’ve never heard of one!) but they are all 1991 models as only a few thousand were made, and I thought that might pose some problems. I asked a friend who knows someone who has one to find out a bit more, and when she told me that the owner has trouble getting parts for it, it kind of made up my mind. But the Fiat 500 has the retro feel I love, with the advantages of being new and the benefit of modern tech.




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