Camel Coat Club

I came across this gorgeous coat in Macy’s while I was in New York in January. I have about 20 coats in my wardrobe already so I didn’t really need another one, but once I tried it on I knew I couldn’t leave it after me. All sense went out the window! 

It was the only one of it’s kind left, hidden on a rack behind lots of ugly coats and a size 6 (UK size 8). It’s by Ivanka Trump, and it was marked down from $400 to about $160! I usually wear a UK 10 or 12 in my coats so that I have room for lots of layers underneath (because I’m always cold) but the fit here was actually good on me, and with that much of a discount I thought, “who cares I’ll just have to wear a light top under it and suffer!”.It has a faux fur detachable trim (love!), 2 pockets and a clip fastening on the front. It’s so stylish and chic – everything that I love.The boots and the bag are also new purchases from New York, both from Macy’s again. My hat is from somewhere a little closer to home – Marks and Spencer. I saw it before Christmas in store but didn’t buy it because I thought I would find a nicer one in New York. But it turns out I didn’t! So I went back in for it when I got home. 

Coat – Ivanka Trump

Top – Target 

Leather pants – H&M

Boots – Report Signature

Bag – Calvin Klein 


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