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My First Ever Floral Crown


I’m currently doing a part time floristry course at night to upgrade my skills for work. I know a lot and can make a lot as it is, but there are some areas I haven’t done much in yet, such as Bridal and Wedding work. And it never hurts to learn more right? Anyway, this week in class we made floral crowns, or head pieces if you prefer. It was quite challenging because it involves a lot of intricate work like wiring, and you need a lot of patience because it is soooo time consuming! But I was delighted with how mine turned out in the end. It’s so pretty and delicate! Even if I don’t think it’s worth the frustration sometimes LOL.

I had to take advantage of having it at home before it wilts so I did a small “photo shoot”… I wore a gown that’s been in my closet for a while now, previously only worn once at a ball in college! What do you think?


Floral Crown – Made by me!!!

Dress – Monsoon (old)


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