DIY Ombré Dresser


“Two DIY posts in a row?”, I hear you ask. Yes it’s two in a row. But this one is very different from my last one. I’m on a roll guys! Reason: It has been raining and very windy for the last week or so, which doesn’t allow for good outfit posts. But it’s probably for the best anyway, as it seems like that’s all my blog has become lately, one outfit post after another!

This DIY idea was actually very last-minute. Some background: We are currently renovating my Nan and Grandy’s (grandma and grandpa) old house as it’s going to be rented out soon, and there are lots of old pieces of furniture to go through/rehome/throw out etc. Enter this old chest of drawers…

DIY Ombre Dresser BEFORE

It’s been around for a long time, 50+ years. It’s kind of beaten up. It has wood worm. Lots of wood worm. But I liked it. It has charm and of course sentimental value. So I wanted to keep it around. And “it’ll be perfect in the shop”, I said. As I say with too so many things.



So I walked around the corner from our flower shop to the paint and furniture store (the place is so close to me it’s becoming dangerous. I’m in there way too much buying paint for something or other) I bought 1 can of cerise pink satin sheen, 1 can of off white satin sheen, and 1 can of creamy white undercoat to mix with the cerise. I wanted to paint something in an ombré effect for ages and this was my chance.


I removed the drawers, cleaned the entire thing with white spirits, and painted the body of the dresser with the off white satin sheen (2 coats in all)
Then I got to mixing my cerise pink with the creamy white undercoat (I only used undercoat because the store already had a tin of it lying around that someone had made up but then never bought, so I got it discounted. I would imagine that satin sheen or gloss would also be fine to mix, but hey don’t take my word for it…) This part took me a bit of time, trying to get the pinks to be different enough that you would notice, but at the same time not too different.


Then I started on the drawers (which also needed 2 coats) I even did the entire outside and inside of each drawer. I was going to line them with pretty paper, but I thought that would be too hard – I could just see myself getting really annoyed trying to cut the paper perfectly to size to fit! And I wanted to keep my sanity.


I left the handles as they were because I really like them. They’re not brass or anything, so I can’t polish them up but I don’t mind that. I like them as they are. It’s good to have somethings you don’t change.

So there you have it! I LOVE it. And our customers do too. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on our Facebook page (have a look here if you want). It really brightens up a boring corner of the shop. What do you think of it?






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