Pale & Interesting


There may not be a lot of colour in my outfit today, but the fact that there’s not a single black item in it is pretty amazing (I wear A LOT of black)

I ordered this jumper from ASOS last week which is what I based the outfit around. Because it’s so soft and pale, I decided to keep everything else in the same colour palette.  It does look a little bit different online than it does in real life though. It comes up as sort of nude/beige in the photos online, but its actually quite pink. I really hate when that happens with online shopping, don’t you?! Luckily I’m happy with it anyway.

It has sheer panels on either side of the neck, and on the bottom of both sleeves, but it’s kind of hard to see in the photos here – sorry about that… I don’t claim to be a photographer, and if anyone wants to volunteer to take my photos please be my guest! :D Anybody? No? Ok.


Jumper – ASOS

Jeans – H&M

Bracelet & Heels – Aldo


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