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Exploring Ireland {Inish Beg West Cork}

Last weekend I attended a wedding held in Inish Beg. I had never been there before, in fact I had never actually even heard of it before. So I did what we all do nowadays, I googled it. Here’s what I found out:
Inish Beg is a private island estate just beyond Skibbereen in West Cork. It’s run as a self catering holiday destination. It has beautiful woodlands and gardens to stroll through, and different types of accommodation to stay in too. There are cute little cottages, lodges and even Roma caravans which they call the “Gypsy Retreat”…

We stayed in the courtyard cottages, pictured above, which are right in the centre of the island. Some of the accommodation such as the Lodge and the Foresters House are, as you might expect, in more secluded, far off areas. Even though they say “Luxury” self catering accommodation on their website, I didn’t really find anything luxury about the furnishings of the place. The nicest things about them in my opinion, are the small wood burning stoves (which I imagine are lovely in the winter) and tall ceilings in the living rooms. However the gardens are beautiful, so I suppose that kind of makes up for the somewhat basic insides.



I had a lovely walk around the grounds, exploring the more unusual places in through hidden narrow dirt paths. It was so peaceful and quiet and I didn’t meet another soul anywhere! All in all I thought it was a nice place, but I wouldn’t really stay there for longer than a weekend. But I think a lot of it would depend on the weather you get while you’re there too. If you’d like to check it out for yourself their website is




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