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“Hat’s” A Great Surprise!

Two weeks ago I entered a competition on Facebook with a local Arts and Crafts store, Vibes & Scribes to win a bespoke headpiece made by their in-house milliner. And I was so excited when I found out that I won!!20140714-115520-42920462.jpg

So, the weekend before last I went in to meet Colleen, the lovely milliner, to talk about what I wanted. I told her about the wedding I have this weekend, and that it would be really great if I could have my hat ready for then, but that it was no problem if I couldn’t. I didn’t know how long it takes to make a hat from scratch, and I didn’t want to be rushing her. But to my delighted surprise Colleen said she would have it ready in 1 weeks time! So I collected it last weekend and I was absolutely thrilled! It’s made to match the dress I will be wearing to the wedding on Saturday. So you’ll have to wait to see it in a complete outfit post til then. I can’t wait to wear it!



20140715-110316-39796082.jpgI have been in Vibes & Scribes Arts and Crafts store plenty of times before but I didn’t realise just how huge their range of stuff is. And I certainly didn’t know they had an in-house milliner! They even do lots of video tutorials on millinery, as well as lots of other crafts. Check out their website hereAnd check out their YouTube page here.


After I took my custom-made headpiece home, I rang around a couple of places in search of a hat box to store it in. I found a fabulous shop on Pembroke street called Hat Fascinations, (check out their website here) where you can actually hire hats and headpieces to wear, and Jennifer the lovely owner was kind enough to sell me one. It actually even matches the hat itself!

Thank you so much Vibes & Scribes! And thanks to Hat Fascinations too.

Stay tuned for my next post showing my complete outfit and headpiece… Coming Soon.


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