Who Wears {White Scalloped} Short Shorts


I based todays outfit around these new scalloped shorts I bought last week in Penneys. I couldn’t resist getting them really, they’re so cute, and they are now the only scalloped thing I own… I think.  I was afraid they might be a little bit too sheer, but they were so reasonable that it hardly matters. I guess I’ll just have to be careful what I wear under them, haha!

At first I was going to wear a black top with these shorts (obviously my first instinct is always to put black and white together!) but I thought I might be in danger of boring the pants off you all, so instead I went for a completely neutral look from head to toe, in a variety of beige, nude and white.


Blazer – Dunnes Stores

Top – Warehouse

Shorts – Penneys (Primark)

Shoes – Wallis


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