Feline Friday {Sleepy Kitties}

Not much to report in relation to the cats at the moment, apart from the fact that Frankie went missing for about 5 days last week again! You may remember that last year he went missing for nearly 6 months! I really hate when he does this, I worry so much about him. I swear they’re worse than children. There’s a stray cat hanging around a lot lately too and it’s always picking fights with Louie! I haven’t seen him fighting with Frankie but I can only assume he does.

Let’s focus on the good stuff though, so here are lots of photos of Frankie and Louie snoozing in some of their favourite spots

Frankie on my bed

Louie on the couch

Mirror image of Frankie asleep on top of a suitcase… The places cats choose sometimes

Louie on another bed, seems the paw over the face is becoming his trademark recently



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