Feline Friday {Summer Kitties}

The cats are loving the warmer weather. They are outside nearly all day every day, laying out in sun puddles and then retreating to nice shady spots when they get too hot. Of which there are plenty in our overgrown garden. The garden is the big project this summer. Maybe I’ll do a garden post at some stage showing the before and after. Everyone loves before and after photos right?

Louie caught mid grooming. Hence the weird face.

Louie loves sitting outside on the new door mat (the old one literally fell apart recently) he’ll just sit there for ages! I opened the door a few times at the start because I thought he wanted to come in but he just stares up at me till I eventually close it again. Cats eh?


Can I help you human?


Frankie is clearly jealous of Louie’s sweet spot. Check out the daggers.


Frankie  finds his own spots though. Here he is thinking about the meaning of life. Or Dreamies. Probably the Dreamies. (cat treats)





Rolling in the deep dirt. Look at the little fang showing!

We are in the middle of getting our back lawn re-seeded, so don’t judge these last pictures. Anyway, that’s all the kitty antics for the moment folks!



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