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My Julep Nail Colour

Julep are looking for inspiration for a new nail polish colour so they want to hear from bloggers!


What girl out there doesn’t love nail polish? I mean really. It’s so easy to apply, there is so much choice and it’s so affordable. It’s such a small thing but it can really add to your outfit and improve your mood too!  So when I was approached by Abbey, the Community Outreach Coordinator from Julep, to take part in their “Create Your Colour” blog post, the girly girl that I am jumped at the chance to be included!

Although I don’t live in the States, and at the moment Julep don’t ship to Europe, I really hope this will change in the future. I have heard and seen loads about their polishes, from all the American and Canadian blogs that I follow, and everything I’ve heard has been great. Looking at their website they have a HUGE range of colours and textures so I’m really jealous I can’t buy online!

I didn’t really know where to start for coming up with a custom colour; Julep’s colour range is already so amazing, they must literally have every colour imaginable already! You can check out their new range by clicking on this link

First thing I did was to take the Style Profile quiz (how handy is that?!) to find out what my nail polish style was. I kind of knew already, but I was reassured that I am “Classic with a Twist“. I don’t really do crazy nail styles, I like to keep it simple, and use classic colours like red, or soft colours most of the time. This preference is easy to see in my job too. As a florist, colour is a big part of my life.


This is pretty much what I’m looking at everyday. So it’s really hard to choose just 1 favourite colour at work too! But, I usually end up going for the pinks, peaches, purples… The pictures below are some of my favourites from our shop over the past year or so.


What kind of blogger would I be without a few peony pictures?

IF I have to choose only 1 colour though for my personal Julep nail polish, I think it would have to be the first photo of the roses: peach in the centre but changing into pink on the outer petals. So my polish would have to be a soft shimmery pale peachy pink!




3 thoughts on “My Julep Nail Colour

  1. Sadly .. As much as I would have loved to be a part of this I totally dislike Julep. They don’t respond to blogger’s emails, twitter chats or return phone calls … Worst ever .

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