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Another Loss

We got some bad news last week. My Uncle Donal in New York, died on Wednesday. He was fighting cancer for almost 2 years but it had spread in the last few months and the treatment wasn’t affective anymore. He was told by his doctor that it had become terminal about 3 weeks ago. But we didn’t expect it to be this quick.

We booked a flight straight away when we heard, and we travelled over on Friday for the funeral services. It was hard, going over there. But we really wanted to be there for my Aunt and my two Cousins. It was incredibly busy in the house for the entire time. Lots of friends and neighbours were calling, bringing lots of food and things. People over there are really good. A few other relatives travelled over from Ireland too, and some of them stayed in the house. But we didn’t want to do that. We wanted to give them some space. So we stayed in a hotel a few blocks away. It was perfect really. It was near the funeral home, the church and my Aunts house.

It’s always really hard seeing people you love so upset. I was trying to be strong most of the time, but when I would see them get upset over something, like an Irish song Donal would always sing, it would make me cry too. Even though we would only see my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins every so often, because of living so far away from them, we were always close. Closer than most of my relatives living in the same town as us even! It’s weird how families are.

It was tough in the airport, heading home and leaving them. As hard as the last few days have been for them, I think my Aunt is dreading the next few days, after everyone has had to go home. But I know her friends and neighbours will be there for her in ways that we can’t be. Until we get the chance to go over there again soon.


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