I have been looking for a cute old style bicycle for display outside the flower shop for ages. I searched in second hand shops, at car boot sales, and online but I couldn’t find anything nice, in my price range. “Vintage” stuff in Ireland is very expensive I find. There are never any bargains to be had. This is probably since it became cool. Or is this just me?

So, once again out of necessity, I had to do it myself! As luck would have it though, I knew we had a VERY old bicycle in the garage that had been there forever. I asked my dad about it, and he said somebody gave it to him in the 70’s but that he never used it. So it had been rusting away ever since. It was perfect!

It was a horrible red colour. Both the wheels were completely shot. And it was HUGE! No wonder my dad never used it; you’d have to be about 7 foot tall for your feet to reach the ground!

I had lots of paint left over from my DIY pastel coloured chairs (see post here) so it didn’t actually cost me a penny! It did take a lot of time though, because of all the spokes and the fact that you can see every. single. side. of. every. single. bar. AND, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to paint the wheels too. So I had to wait for parts to dry so I could rotate the wheels and paint other parts. But it was worth it.

^halfway through the transformation^
I had 2 cute matching baskets from my Granny’s house, after the renovations there, that worked perfectly in the front and on the back!




I love it! What do you think?


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