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Feline Friday

It occurred to me the other day that I never share any posts about the cats anymore, and because I’m a crazy cat lady, and today being Friday, I thought it was only right that I make a regular (ish) post called “Feline Friday”. I think the last post was about the return of Frankie in October last year, so it’s well over due!

So since then, Frankie and Louie have become best buddies. They play away together, they sleep together and they explore together. It’s lovely to see.


 My little pair

Louie is still quite small, but then he is only 9 months now and Frankie is 2 years old. Louie gets into EVERYTHING, still such a kitten.


He sits in very odd positions a lot too…


Y’alright there Lou?

Louie won’t really stay up in your arms, he squirms around to go down, but Frankie will stay cuddled up getting his chin rubs.


  Sometimes he picks very awkward times to look for attention, but that’s cats for you. Things are always on their terms.


Trying to work here Frank…


One things for sure though, they both definitely love their comfort. And they’re not spoiled at all…


One thought on “Feline Friday

  1. Greetings Furless One.

    Such handsome kats there….. And how convenient that they both are males! *(purrs)* time to add to my boyfriend population again. I’m down to only 355,467 now!


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