DIY Pastel Coloured Chairs

We have been clearing out my Granny’s house recently as she went into a nursing home just before Christmas. Her house is going to be rented out to a young family (which she’s delighted about, to think of young children once again living in her home) so we have been doing renovations to bring it up to scratch. These delightful little chairs were headed for the skip, when I spotted them and saw the potential. I was already looking for something to add to our display in the flower shop, and I thought they would fit the bill perfectly!

I had a lot of fun choosing the colours in our local hardware store. The owner had lots of test pots of paint that were going spare so he practically gave them to me for nothing!



Above are the “befores”
And below are the “afters”




I also painted up a little wicker chair that we bought in a junk shop last year, but never did anything with at the time. It was half painted white, so I’m guessing someone started painting it with the best intentions, but got so bloody fed up that they eventually gave up haha! It was a drag to paint though compared to the others because it has so many damn skinny bars!

Here is the current display in our shop with the chairs!

I’m so happy with the results, I absolutely love them!


5 thoughts on “DIY Pastel Coloured Chairs

      • My Nana and Grandy are in the same one – Bridhaven in Mallow, although they are in different wards. And my Granny (who’s chairs these are) is in Beaumont in Ballintemple. The two ladies are very good, but my Grandy not so much :(

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