Green Sweater & Plaid Shirt

Shirts underneath sweaters are definitely a favourite combo of mine lately. It just makes an outfit look so put together and let’s face it, I own a lot of shirts and sweaters so there’s plenty to choose from!






I got these new boots the other day, they’re by Bourbon from the Amy Huberman collection (if you’re not Irish you won’t know who she even is) I didn’t know this when I bought them. I’m actually a teeny bit annoyed now because she kind of annoys me haha! But I love the boots design. They have shearling on the inside making them super cozy, and they’re perfect for lots of walking – another reason I bought them. I love heels as much as the next girl, but when it’s cold and wet and you’re working on your feet all day, comfort definitely wins in my book.

Shirt and jacket – Zara
Sweater and scarf – H&M


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