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Five And A Half Months Later

The weirdest, craziest, most random thing happened this morning.
I looked out my bedroom window, down the back garden, when I noticed a black and white cat. I looked closer at the cat, and noticed the white marking on its back by its shoulders.
‘Frankie had marks like that on him’, I thought. ‘I wonder…’ (Frankie was my 1-year-old cat who went missing 5 and a half months ago, in case you haven’t been following my blog)
I opened my window, and called out to the cat. When it heard me, it turned and came running towards the house!
‘Oh my God, it IS Frankie’, I thought.
I ran down the stairs and rushed to the back door, and there he was, looking like he had never left. I rubbed him, and he nuzzled me back. I called out to my mom, “FRANKIE’S BACK!”. She couldn’t believe what I was telling her.

We put some food down for him, and he scarfed it all down straight away. Apart from being hungry he was in perfect condition, not a mark on him! “Where have you been?!” I asked.
He walked inside the kitchen, but must have smelled Louie, as he started hissing a bit. But after a few minutes he calmed down again, he even jumped up on my lap and was snuggling into me. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t! 5 and a half months later, he just turns up out of nowhere!! I thought he was dead. Or if he was alive, that he had wandered far away and we would never see him again.

We tried to coax him in further to the house, but he became agitated when the smell of Louie again became noticeable, and he ran outside. I tried to go after him, and I followed him around for ages while keeping my distance a bit, but eventually he walked off into a neighbour’s garden and disappeared.

If he does come back, we will slowly try to rehabilitate him. He appears to have become a bit more wild, a bit less like a house cat. But it’s totally understandable if he’s been sleeping rough. Even if we don’t see him again (although I REALLY hope we do), I’m just SO glad to know he’s ok. He survived on his own for over 5 months, managed to feed himself (or had someone feeding him) and must still be around in the area.
I snapped this photo of him sitting under our bamboo tree.



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