Comic Craze


So if you’re following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been trying to have more fun with my style lately, and taking a few more risks than usual. You might also know that my friend Rebecca (see this post) very kindly lets me come over and root through her humongous wardrobe any time day or night, as it’s full to the brim with goodies, most even with the tags still on! This skirt is another one of her pieces that I have just fallen head over heels for. It’s so on trend with all the other comic inspired pieces we’re seeing everywhere right now. I think I’ll have to get my hands on a comic strip jumper like the ones I’ve been seeing on all the American and Canadian blogs, from the Philip Lim x Target collab…


Miss Lexi totally photo bombed me in this last one.

Top, Necklace – H&M

Skirt – (borrowed from Becky) No

What do you guys think of comic inspired pieces?

P.S. Also what do you think of my awesome necklace? I wasn’t going to wear it with this outfit, as I thought the skirt was enough of a statement on its own, but I just couldn’t help myself; I loooove it!


5 thoughts on “Comic Craze

  1. “So if youโ€™re following my blog, youโ€™ll know that Iโ€™ve been trying to have more fun with my style lately, and taking a few more risks than usual.”
    Since this is the third time I visited your blog, I thought ‘Eh – may as well click follow;’ and then THAT’S THE FIRST SENTENCE I READ. Meant2B. :)
    Though I’ve been reading your posts for a short while I can honestly say that this outfit is successful from being different from other outfits you’ve blogged about, but at the same time, something in it is very … you. I don’t mean that you are literally in the outfit (although technically you are), but that the way you tuck in your top and accessorise it is very ‘Caroline’. :)

    The necklace complements your skirt so well with its colour scheme.

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