I’m (Still) A Barbie Girl


l guess I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic lately, because when I saw this Barbie dress, I knew I had to wear it. Like most little girls, Barbie was my favourite toy when I was a child. I had probably every Barbie that came out, about 3 of her cars and a big Barbie house I even customized myself. Yes I was a little spoiled. Although I gave all my Barbies away years ago, I must admit, I’m pretty obsessed with this dress now!

I added this fringed leather vest over the top, to stop the outfit from looking too sweet, and give this Barbie girl a little edge. What do you guys think?



Necklace – New Look

Dress – No Polka

Vest – Pennys (Primark)

Heels – Wallis


6 thoughts on “I’m (Still) A Barbie Girl

  1. Love your look. I recall buying the ‘original’ Barbie. It became a traumatic experience. I posted about it in ‘Almost A Knockout’ under the heading Impressing Boys. A word of advice: If you check out my blog, do NOT follow any of my advice.

    I I’ve been coveting all these similar Barbie print dresses and skirts on eBay for the last week and your blog which I discovered in the same week has a post about how to style one of the adorable dresses? Yay!
    You look fabulous. The quality of the dress is good? I’ve been holding out on ordering one because the shipping to Australia is always ridiculous.

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