Black, White & Bling

Well summer seems to have arrived in the last week or so – we’ve been having very warm weather, for Ireland that is! So I’ve moved all my summer clothes to the front of my closet, and packed away all my winter stuff. Finally. It’s actually so refreshing to be able to wear short sleeve or sleeveless tops and short skirts and not be shivering! Ha, it’s the little things in life right?

I bought this cute black and white dress in Pennys (Primark) about a month ago now when I was just passing through the store. I don’t really buy stuff in Pennys much anymore, their stuff lately hasn’t been great in my opinion, but this little stripe dress was totally me. And it’s perfect for this weather because it’s so light and easy. I threw my lightweight denim shirt from Zara over it, and my new black strappy heels that I also got recently. Oh, and the fringe bag. Can we just stare at the fringe bag for a minute? It was love at first sight when I bought that a few weeks ago as part of my H&M haul. Finally, for a little bit of bling, I added my sparkly belt.



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