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Please Not Again

{Cat related post}

It seems like we are having a lot of bad luck with our last couple of cats. First it was poor Missy who was killed back in November, at only 6 months old. Now her brother Frankie, who is now just over a year old, is missing. He went out on Monday evening, as usual, and he just hasn’t come back.

Back in March, he went missing for 2 days during a terrible storm. We were sick with worry, we thought something must have happened to him, relating to the storm. But we were beyond thrilled to find him yeowling at the back door on the second day without even a scratch on him. So this isn’t the first time he’s gone AWOL.

But it’s been 3 days and 3 nights now and I’m really worried. I think the longer it goes on, the less likely he is to ever come back safely. I can’t stop thinking about what must have happened to him. Is somebody else feeding him or keeping him? This would be the best case scenario I could think of. Even though he has a collar and I can’t understand why you would keep a cat, or a dog for that matter when it’s clear it’s owned by someone and well looked after. Did he get attacked by a dog or a fox? Did he wander out as far as the road and get hit by a car? I don’t know. I know you shouldn’t pick favourites with your pets, just like you shouldn’t with children, but Frankie really is my favourite :(

Please come back Frankie!!

Frankie Cuddles


3 thoughts on “Please Not Again

  1. Well, he could have lost his collar. He could have run across one of those wildlife enthusiasts who see outdoor cats as fair game and kill them (yes, that happens). Sadly, there are many dangers for cats who are allowed outdoors.

    • Hi Rumpy, I suppose he could have lost his collar alright. I went around to neighbours, but so far have heard nothing. I know it’s dangerous leaving animals outside, but I can’t bear their sad little faces when they’re meowing at the door wanting to go out! It just wouldn’t be practical for us trying to keep them indoors 24/7, they always bolt out when you open the door!

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