Opening My Eyes To Eggs Benedict

Why have I never had these before??? I have really been missing out!


My Sunday was a bit of a random one. I spent the morning walking around a field in Rathcormac at a car boot sale. I didn’t see anything that interested me but we had a bit of a laugh anyway wandering around and chatting. Then in the afternoon we took a trip down to Cobh to visit the Heritage Centre there. It was my first time there, although I have been to the Titanic Experience just up the road, and I really enjoyed learning about the history of the town, particularly in the 19th century.

In between all this galavanting though we needed something to fill our bellies. I had never had eggs Benedict before, and really wanted to try it. Maybe it’s all the Masterchef I’m watching lately haha. I couldn’t think of anywhere that would be serving brunch at 1pm so I thought what the heck, how hard can it be, and decided to try to make some myself!

Using a Delia Smith How To Cook book, I first made the hollandaise sauce which wasn’t too difficult actually, it didn’t split or curdle which I was a bit nervous about… Of course, I’ve never had a hollandaise sauce on anything before so I have no comparison, but I thought mine was delicious! Then I poached the eggs. Again this was a first for me but not too bad either. I devoured the whole thing anyway!



I went all fancy with my table setting just for a bit of fun. I like making an effort to make things special for no reason some times.


And I popped open a bottle of cava for a mimosa, because why not, life is short!

After realizing how easy the preparation and cooking of this classic dish was, and the amazing result I got, it’s sort of inspired me to try to cook other things I’ve never tasted before or attempted to make myself. I think I will have a good read through Delia’s book and maybe pick one new thing a week to try out. I’m not looking to apply for Masterchef Ireland or anything, but I would like to learn a few “basic” things that perhaps a lot of us don’t know anymore. Stay tuned for this new weekly post!


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