Spring Is In The Air

Today was an absolutely glorious day in Cork. I did a little painting outside our shop and I swear I needed sun tan lotion! I’m so glad I chose to wear some of the new pieces I bought from Zara last weekend (did a bit of damage in there actually, surprise surprise). The colours and light weight fabrics were perfect for keeping me looking, and feeling fresh and cool. I also got a chance to wear my new aviator sunglasses, I love these!

I can’t wait for warmer temps on a (hopefully) some what regular occurrence now that I’ve gotten a taste of it today. Sunshine really puts you in a good mood! Plus, notice how I’m literally glowing in these pictures? Who doesn’t want to be glowing?!



Aviators – ASOS

Shirt & jeans – ZARA

Lace top – H&M

Heels – Wallis


2 thoughts on “Spring Is In The Air

    • Thanks Texas, my kitties Frankie and Lexie like playing with the strap on them whenever I try to put them on! They don’t make it easy…
      I’ll be checking in with your next posts hoping to hear Milou is doing better! :)

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