More Mirror DIY!

So the past couple of weeks I have been on a major home improvement kick. It started with my bedroom (which is now almost finished, just a tricky job left to do creating a new headboard… stay tuned for that) and then last weekend, our old reliable lazy boy swivel chair in the front room finally gave up after 12+ long years of service. It was so big you could fit 2 people on it, and perfectly placed in front of the tv. It will be sadly missed. Like Joey’s chair Rosita in Friends, it has gone to chair heaven. RIP green leather swivel lazy boy! (I know what you’re thinking, “ick, green leather?!”, but really it was a beautiful soft mint colour!)

So, with all this extra space now in the living room, we decided it was time to purchase some proper end tables for the couches. I scoured the whole of Cork, and couldn’t find ANYTHING I liked. Thus came the time to do it myself, again! I found 2 solid wood tables in a local furniture shop. They weren’t anything special, in fact they were very ordinary, but I could see the potential (plus they were on sale for €29 each – a total steal!!). Since my DIY mirrored bedside tables were such a success last week, I decided to repeat the process. Because the wood was so highly polished, I had to sand them a lot first. Then I used an ebony coloured wood stain (2 coats) to fit in with the existing decor in the room (black, cream & gray). Then I measured the tops and ordered more mirrors, and I also ordered glass to fit the bottom, as a shelf.

Here they are before and during the makeover:


And here they are now!


What do you think? I’m incredibly happy with how they turned out! The mirrors were a lot more expensive this time because these table tops are 4 times the size of my bedside tables, but who cares!? Now onto my next project…


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