DIY: Mirrored Bedside Tables

This week was a productive week for me. I finally got to work on a DIY project for my bedroom that had been in the back of mind for a while. I wanted to change my bedside tables for ages from the cheap chip board ones we bought when we first moved in, to something a bit more sophisticated.

Being that my budget is somewhat limited, I had to get a bit creative. So I rummaged around in the garage and found some left over cream gloss paint I thought would do the job nicely. First though I had to paint on a base coat. Now you all know how I feel about painting, but I hoped the end result would be worth it. Also it took AGES to dry! Ugh. Anyway, after the base coat I painted on the gloss. Then I roped in my dad to change the cheap silver bar handles to nice glass knobs. And finally, I purchased specially measured mirrors for the tops. Et voila!!


I’m pretty happy with the results!


Above is what they looked like before.


And here is what they look like after!

Also this week, I made a little quote picture inspired by my trip to Disney World! I bought a cheap picture with this white frame, removed the picture inside, then painted up my Disney slogan.


 I added it to my picture wall montage, along with the other new pictures frames I bought recently. I love this effect, I may even consider buying more to add to the wall…



Next up I’m planning on sanding and painting the skirting boards and doors… A big job!


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