Wooly Hat Weather

I’ve settled back into normality at home after my trip and it is absolutely FREEZING here in the good ole Emerald Isle. So it’s back to heavy sweaters, boots, hats, gloves and scarves. Yipee.

Here’s what I wore yesterday; a comfortable outfit including my new hat from Blarney Woolen Mills which I got a few months ago, my leather and leopard print gloves from ASOS and my oh so comfy army boots. I bought this coat one Christmas about 4/5 years ago and it’s still perfect! I guess it goes to show that if you buy quality pieces they do last really well. Even with all this though, I was still cold :(

DSCF1451 21-31-15

DSCF1447 21-31-15DSCF1443 21-31-15DSCF1454 21-31-15DSCF1448 21-31-15DSCF1450 21-31-15DSCF1462 21-31-15DSCF1458 21-31-15


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