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Trip to Disney World

Sorry things have been very quiet on my blog lately, but I was away in the Happiest Place on Earth! I’m literally just back, and man am I exhausted! It’s a bit of a shock (or not, depending how you look at it) to come back to pouring rain and unbelievably high winds from the beautiful hot and sunny weather we had in Orlando. Oh Ireland, you’re so predictable. So naturally I thought I’d share a few photos for my trip. Ok maybe more than “a few”, you know how weirdly obsessed I am with Disney… I did take about 200 photos…


The light show and fireworks in the Magic Kingdom were amazing!


I was an “Irish Princess” when I met Mickey Mouse on St. Patrick’s Day



Stopped in New York for a bit


The Flower and Garden Festival was on and there were wonderful topiaries of the characters dotted all around the parks!


All in all it was a fantastic trip!

{All photos by CarolinesDays}


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