Boyfriend Jeans & Perspex Heels

I was searching for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for a while. I love their more relaxed fit and casual look. I didn’t want a really washed out pair which a lot of the ones on the high street at the moment are, so I wasn’t having much luck. Then 2 weeks ago I finally found this great pair from a store I never normally shop in; Next. It’s so nice to break out from the Skinny Jean rut every now and again!

Also, I got these AMAZING shoes a few weeks ago that I have been dying to show you! I debated about buying them for ages, I wasn’t sure if I would get much wear out of them, but in the end I figured what the hell, life’s too short! They’re so much fun with the mint suede and of course the thick perspex heel!! Fashion should be fun right?

Blazer – Dunnes

T-shirt – H&M

Jeans – Next

Heels – ASOS


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