100th Post!

I can’t believe I’ve made 100 posts already; it seems like only the other day that I started this blog but in reality it was March last year! Wow. Time flies huh?

So for this somewhat significant post I have an outfit to show you – naturally I suppose, it seems to be pretty much all I post anymore. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing?!

Anyway, I bought this dress for Christmas 2011 and it hasn’t really seen the light of day much since then. It has a very christmassy feel with the shiny fabric so I thought I better wear it before we start coming into lighter shades for spring (something I can’t wait for, I’m already planning outfits!). I paired it with tights, because it’s still freezing at the moment, my cashmere cardigan you saw in the last post (told you I’m obsessed) and my black heel booties.


P.S. It was really windy when I took these photos! AND once again I look kind of foxy in them too, I have no idea why?! I swear I’m not really!


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