Converse & Cashmere

Brrrrr…. It has gotten SO COLD the last few days here. We did get away without much very cold weather so far this winter so I suppose it was only a matter of time. Our neighbours in poor old England have had major snow and ice the last couple of weeks, and on Monday morning we got our first taste of it too. I woke up to a light blanket of the stuff everywhere outside my window. It was falling in big flurries and was sticking to the dry ground, but after only half an hour or so it started falling as wet sleet so then it disappeared as quickly as it came. But I wasn’t disappointed, although snow is very pretty it’s a balls for getting around!


I’m kinda developing a little obsession for cashmere, I bought two more cardigans in the Christmas sales! They are so handy for layering over an outfit for this cold weather. Here I layered the grey cashmere cardigan over a plaid shirt, graphic print tee, studded jeans and my white converse. This is pretty much a standard look for me for days when not much is happening.



T shirt & jeans – ZARA

Cardigan – GAP


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