Accessory Organization

First of all I have to apologize for my absence from my blog lately, my camera broke and I only finally bought a new one today! So you can expect some new outfit posts later this week.

Now onto the point of todays post. When I buy new accessory, be it a new necklace or a pair of sunglasses, I seem to wear it all the time and forget all about my other ones. Now maybe it’s because I get a bit obsessive over my latest purchase, but I think not being able to actually see all of my stuff is also part of the reason. Out of sight, out of mind, right? So I decided to try to fix that. I bought 3 lovely decorative glass jars; 1 I’m using for my bangles (it was pegged as a cookie jar in the shop), 1 for big rings and brooches, and 1 for stud earrings.


I found this really cute metal wall hanging in a discount store by chance a few weeks ago, and thought it would make a nice display for some of my statement necklaces. In the end I actually ended up using it for my sunglasses. And also in the same shop, I found a cute table top mannequin hanger thingy which I am now using for some of my costume necklaces.



So there you have it! My newly organized jewelry area! The next project I have on my mind is something to sort out my handbags and scarves, which are currently falling off the hooks on the back of my door…


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