Frankie & Lexi: Update

We’ve had Lexi for almost 3 weeks now, and things are beginning to settle down between her and Frankie. The first week was definitely the toughest understandably, he would hiss and run upstairs to hide each time he saw her. I’m a big softie, and I was feeling kind of bad for him, so I left him spend pretty much every night sleeping on my bed and showered him with attention.

2012-11-27 21.46.58

I hadn’t the heart to move him off the bed, look at that little face!

During the second week there seemed to be a thaw between them. Frankie stopped hissing and running away, we got them to eat side by side, and he started to warm to her so we moved them into the same room by night.


But now they play together! Yay! Well really Lexi just jumps on top of Frankie and starts hitting him in the face as he’s trying to sleep! He gives as good as he gets though, seeing as he’s about 4 times bigger than her, and they play fight together for ages. I’m taking these all as good signs. I don’t know what goes on all day while I’m at work, but I’m guessing she annoys him a bit with her kitten antics, because when I get home he runs out the front door for some alone time! So I don’t know how much he’s enjoying his big brother role… Lol.

2012-12-09 18.27.27

2012-12-07 19.51.202012-12-07 19.51.122012-12-07 19.51.44

So things are looking good. We just have one problem: Lexi keeps peeing/pooping on the floor in the front room! This is NOT good. She uses her litter box mostly, but sometimes when she’s in the front room she’ll run behind the chair and go there! I don’t know why this is?! Maybe it’s because she’s still so young, or because she was found without her mother so she never taught her… Can anybody advise me? Frankie is not impressed and neither am I, having to clean it up!!


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