Going To The Dark(er) Side

After weeks of bad roots, I finally got my hair done. I wanted to go a bit darker with it, as it’s gotten consistently lighter over the past year and I felt like I needed a change. My hairdresser said I should do it gradually though to avoid looking like a moody teenage goth, and I definitely agree, because NOBODY wants that! In person there is a somewhat of a change but not so much in these pictures I took yesterday. I probably will get it dyed darker again in a few weeks just in time for Christmas. Anyway, yesterday I wore my pleated leather skirt from ASOS, a grey knit sweater with a beaded collar from Bershka of all places, and a sparkly jacket from Forever21. I’ve been dying to wear this jacket since I bought it during my trip to London in September. I usually NEVER buy anything in Bershka, I find their stuff is a bit young (even for me) and just not my style, so I was shocked when I found this sweater, buried in the back as it was, which is totally “me”.


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