Along Came Lexi

In my last post I said I would share some news with you on how Frankie’s been doing since his sister Missy died. I think he misses her and he seems to be lonely; he’s meowing a lot and wandering in and out of rooms almost searching for her. We have of course been showering him with attention but I feel really guilty leaving him home alone every morning as I go to work. So, rather than having him spend the rest of his life home alone til we finish work every day, we started thinking about getting another cat. Then, kind of out of blue, our vet told us about a little kitten who was found abandoned in a car park, it all fell into place. We went to see her and, of course, took her home!

So here she is, little Lexi! She’s about 8 weeks old, and she’s tiny! Her colouring is actually very similar to Missy’s in photos, but in person Lexi is a little bit darker with more black and grey.

(Sorry about the quality of the photos, she barely stays still for 2 minutes so it’s hard to get a good one of her!)

So far Frankie doesn’t really like her, there has been a lot of hissing, and then he runs away from her and hides up in my room. I’ve never introduced a new cat to an existing one before so I’m not really sure if this is normal?? But he is slowly getting better and the hissing is decreasing each day, but I think it’s going to take another week or maybe more before they’re “friends”. Lexi meanwhile seems oblivious to the fact that she has taken over Frankie’s turf! She’s just happy to play with anything and everything she can get her paws on. Here’s hoping it all settles down soon, I’ll keep you posted…


3 thoughts on “Along Came Lexi

  1. It’s completely normal: Lexi has entered Frankie’s territory after all. So don’t worry if it takes some time.
    Frankie is also probably still grieving.
    When we lost Grouik in July, Milou who had lived all his life with Grouik seemed both to look for him and somehow knew something was wrong. He was spending most of his days in a corner of a closet he had never been in before. I think it lasted 2-3 weeks. Then he slowly went back to normal.
    Then in August we adopted K. Milou hissed at her for weeks and he’s only starting slowly to play with her.
    Hope it helps a little!
    Lexi is very cute :-)
    Carine (Texas’ human)

    • Aw thanks Carine, that is all really good to know. I guess there’s nothing I can really do to help the situation? I can’t wait for the day when I’ll see them cuddled up together! :)

      • Not really, now that they have been introduced to each other. If it gets dirty, you can try to isolate Lexi in a separate room for a while.
        It is good, like you did, to shower Frankie with extra attention, so that he would not have the impression that you are going to replace him.
        Hope it helps and I hope they’ll soon be able to cuddle up together. Sometimes us humans just have to be patient ;-)
        Let us know!

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