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Under My Umbrella

One thing you should never leave the house without is an umbrella, particularly if you live in Ireland! I swear it probably rains more here than anywhere else in the world. So when it’s something you’re gonna be using, let’s face it, like ALL THE TIME, you might as well have a cute one. Here are some photos of me earlier today with one I bought recently. The blue sweater I bought in Pennys (Primark) last week. It’s an angora mix blend which is really soft and cozy, the only downside is it does shed a bit onto other clothes so you better keep a lint roller in your handbag ladies! They have it in lots of different colours – I bought it in grey and cream too.

Frankie wanted in on the photos. Pity he looks like a living torch in the last one. He’s been very lonely since Missy died, but I will share some more on this in a later post.


5 thoughts on “Under My Umbrella

    • Thank you, he’s being spoiled rotten now; I feel so bad for him I’ll let him get away with anything now!
      I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks an umbrella can look fabulous :)

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