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Falling Leaves

While we’ve been getting over the sad passing of our little furball Missy, the weather has gotten very cold. Today was absolutely shocking all day long, with non stop rain and very heavy hailstone at one point. It seems like winter is fast approaching. And winter in Ireland usually lasts about 4 months. However the leaves haven’t all completely fallen off the trees yet, so I can still enjoy all the wonderful shades of orange for a little while longer.

I FINALLY bought a pair of proper winter boots last weekend, something I have been meaning to do for about 3/4 winters now! I chose these “riding boot” style dark brown leather ones from Dune with a small buckle detail on the side. I like them a lot, but I think it’s going to take me a while to get used to seeing myself in boots (I’ve never had a pair before!). I LOVE this hat that I got from Blarney Woolen Mills last year in the Christmas sales, it’s a beret kind of style, I think it will be another piece I will be wearing a lot in this cold weather. It’s just so cute, it makes me long to be strolling around Paris looking incredibly chic and eating delicious pastries. A girl can dream!


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