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Sad News

This isn’t a post I thought I would be making today. Or any day soon. But here it is. When I came home from the cinema earlier today, my mom broke the sad news to me that our poor little Missy was dead. She had been hit by a car. Our next door neighbour called in to say he found her body just moments before I came home. I could hardly believe it, I still can’t. We had only had her for about 6 months, when we got her and her brother Frankie. Still only a kitten. I didn’t see her body, I can’t ever see any of my pets once they’re gone, that would just break my heart too much, more than it already is. I hope she wasn’t in pain and that it was quick for her but we can’t know that.

I just took this photo of her in front of the fire last night. The only positive in this whole horrible thing is that her life, however short as it was, was a great one. She was loved and cared for from the moment she was born. I hope Frankie doesn’t miss her too much. But I know I will.

Bye Missy.


6 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. We are so so sorry to read this. We know it hurts. We lost our Grouik almost six months ago, the same way :,-(
    Frankie will probably have a period of grieving. Milou, who had lived with Grouik all his life, grieved too.
    We know no words will ease the pain. But we send purrs and hugs.

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