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Wearing My Pajamas

Ok so I admit these aren’t really my pajamas. I bought these “pajama pants” yesterday in Marks & Spencer of all places. I guess it just goes to show that you never know what you will find in shops you don’t necessarily shop in til you look! For their first outing, I paired them with a knit jumper with a cute sequin collar from H&M that I also recently bought. I must say I love the combo, I can tell I’m gonna wear this top a lot! The pants are so comfortable and are a nice change from the usual skinny jeans I seem to live in. What do you think of the pajama trend? As Joan Rivers says; gotta have it, or make it stop?

In other news, on Friday my BFF invited me to a concert to see The Overtones in the Cork Opera House with her, she had tickets for a private box with champagne! We had such a good time, the guys were amazing! I hadn’t heard very much of their music before, but I am in love with them now! Their style is exactly the kind of music I LOVE! They were so smooth and all dressed in dapper suits, why can’t every guy dress like them?! They’re songs are playing on repeat on my ipod now. If you haven’t heard of them either I would really encourage you to check out their website by clicking their name above!


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