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The Furrballs

Those of you following my blog for a while now will know about 5 months ago I got two little kittens, brother and sister Frankie and Missy. They have settled in brilliantly since then, in fact they now think they own the place! They have been quite naughty, like most little kittens are, but one look at their adorable faces and all is forgiven in my book! The very perceptive amongst you may notice the different colour collars in various photos. This is because nearly every time they are left outside, they lose one and have to be bought another! Currently we are on collar number 3 for Missy and 2 for Frankie.

Not long after they first arrived, they were so cute and fuzzy!

They made themselves comfortable straight away

And not much, except their size, has changed since!

They love crawling in underneath things, such as the throw on my bed!

Missy especially loves crawling and hiding in bags!

The situations they get themselves into each day are very entertaining. I can’t imagine what anyone would think if they saw the amount of photos on my phone I’ve taken of the two of them. I’m not even embarrassed to admit the amount of baby talk and high-pitched squealing at their cuteness that I do nearly every day!


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